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The Best Magician Shows & Comedy Entertainment for Kids and Adults in Reno & Northern Nevada

Delight your audiences and guests in Reno & Northern Nevada with the best ever magic shows and comedy entertainment rolled into one! That’s Magic Entertainment brings you the illusory performances of magician Wayne Ferguson!

Magician Wayne will leave kids and adults fascinated and kicking with laughter with his superb magic shows and comedy entertainment for kids’ parties, adult corporate shows, events, and other gatherings in Reno and Northern Nevada. As an experienced magician for more than 30 years, Wayne has perfected not only his sleight-of-hand and illusory magic shows and but also his knack for fun and wholesome entertainment for his audience and clients in Reno & Northern Nevada. Magician Wayne seamlessly combines his unique comedy entertainment with fresh and exciting tricks & magic shows that both kids and adults will enjoy!

Book a date now in Reno & Northern Nevada with Magician Wayne for your events, fund raisers, special occasion shows, kids and adults birthday parties, or company gatherings and get a fine mix of entertainment and magic at Wayne’s shows. The shows combine magic with small and cute animals such as doves and rabbits, but there are also awesome illusions and comedy that adults will love!

Your guests in Reno and Northern Nevada will definitely have a memorable and laughter-filled night! There is 100% participation for kids and adults audiences plus a funky music and acting routine to enhance the magic shows!

Browse our site for more information on what to expect during a show and how you can book with us today! Read what past clients have to say about magician Wayne and his classy act on our Testimonials page and check out the different types of events and gatherings where you can invite Wayne for an entertaining magic show in Reno and Northern Nevada. See you soon in one of our entertaining shows!
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